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Tents/Canopies - Umbrellas

We carry many sizes of tents/canopies.

Tent with French Windows

What Size Tent Do I Need?

It all depends on your intentions and the nature of your event. For a stand-up cocktail party you will need 8sqft per person. For a buffet dinner you will need 8-10sqft per person. For a sit-down dinner party you will want about 10-12sqft per person.

Our tents have a California state fire approval patch. We also provide a fire extinguisher. for every 800sqft of tenting and a no smoking sign. While we will be happy to assist you in an advisory capacity, customers are responsible for fire inspection and permits necessary for their events.

We will come out to the site and inspect for proper location, call for estimate.

Tent Accessories:

• Hanging Chandelier  • Tent Lights  • Tent Heating 
• Tent Fans • Sidewalls. Solid White  • Sidewalls, Clear or Windows
• 9 Ft umbrella $25.00  • Carpeting, Astroturf • Umbrellas (Includes Base)

Frame Tents

Tent Size Square Feet Rental Charge
10'x10' 100 $80
10'x20' 200 $160
10'x30' 300 $225
15'x15' 225 $145
20'x20' 400 $200
20'x30' 600 $300
20'x40' 800 $385
30'x50' 1500 $900